Kyusho First Aid


Kyusho First Aid is the final and crucial key needed to advance your full Kyusho Skills and Potential.  It is however not the end, it is merely an encyclopedia of the basic components of Kyusho and its relation to all Martial Arts and their practitioners.  It is crucial as it not only brings us full circle in skills development, but illustrates what true Martial Arts Knowledge is, the full understanding of Yin and Yang.  This is not meant as Traditional Chinese Medical or any esoteric discussion on Chi or Energy, for healing purposes, this is direct cause and effect information and demonstration.  It is not new as Ancient warriors for sure took note of the damage they caused on opponents in combat or battlefields.  They recorded and chronicled what was a vital point and the effects of attacking it appropriately… they had to, it was their innovation of their skills and capabilities that kept them alive.  It is also the correction or reversal of dysfunction induced by the application of Kyusho on the human body… take that information onto the battlefield as well when the populations were much smaller and injured men could no longer assist in protection of a village or the battles they were engaged in.  They needed to bring as many soldiers as possible back into action (those not mortally wounded) as possible.

Recently we explored different aspects of one ancient military or combat manual called the “Bubishi”.  I did not pick this book as it had the most profound in knowledge or techniques; it was selected as it is currently the most popular or even available texts.  There as many others that most people have not seen or heard of as they are rare (or guarded) and mostly lost to time and antiquity.  The Bubishi was selected so that anyone could read and understand all the correlations of Kyusho, the Vital Points and their basis in ALL Martial Arts, (not Martial Sports).  Also of interesting note was in this book were also remedies, healing methods and even herbal concoctions for the health and or remedy of the soldiers, field officers as well as militia (or town Martial Artists). The ancient Commander of an army would need this information and fully understand the positive and negative ramifications of each.  They needed not only the most efficient warriors; they also needed the most efficient medics and methods to retain as many strong soldiers as possible.

Every Martial Art School that has sparring, fighting or just rough physical contact has had students or instructors struck to dizziness or more.  Maybe they had the wind knocked out of them, were numbed or had a limb go limp, had muscle knots or cramps, developed nausea from over exertion, or a host of other issues that typically occur in physically demanding training.  The “accidents” are every bit as real as the induced effects presented in a Kyusho training, no one doubts these in their traditional training class, so it should not be so far-fetched that they could be duplicated on purpose rather than simply accidental.  The study and proficiency in the safety, welfare and First Aid of the students should be mandatory of each “Instructor” in any style, even if they do not practice Kyusho.

Taking it one step further, every Corner Man or Ringside Medic at any fighting event, be it Sport Tournament, MMA bout, Boxing Match, Judo or Jujitsu competitions, should be not only educated in this type of First Aid, but also certified.   All of us have witnessed many “accidental” Kyusho attacks during all types of fighting events mentioned, where those attending could not do anything for the victim.  One of the problems is that it is not accepted or therefore legal YET… This is a huge problem as there is a serious lack of responsible or workable emergency assistance methods (that work).  This is so important as we know the longer a person is left unconscious or not properly restored from such a blow, choke or manipulation, the worse it is on the recipient.

In fact think back to all the fights you have watched where a person gets dropped (or KO’ed) and they do not know where they are (such as a technical KO in Boxing), given a standing 8 count to see if they can continue), or a full KO down and out.  The typical response is look it their eyes and ears, or administer smelling salts (inhaled chemicals, that damage brain cells) and many times not really effective.  So in affect they have few real or safe answers!  Well Kyusho does, the neurological technique we employ is not chemical, it is effective and it stops the repercussions these athletes sometimes feel for several days or weeks.  It is also easily duplicated by anyone, as we have proven all over the world on thousands of people.  Can you imagine if a dazed fighter could instantly restore their vision, balance and senses to continue by themselves in the middle of the action or standing 8 count?  It’s not only possible, it is all so simple, unless they do not know it… how many legendary fights may have turned out differently?  Or think of yourself caught off guard and getting seriously dazed or incapacitated, would you want to know a simple and quick way to possibly regain some physical control…or would you rather give up and remain weakened for the opponent?

Now going even further many professional sport teams from football to hockey who incur far more injuries than the typical Martial Artist could use this skill.  What if they had this knowledge, what if they had this capability to reduce injury, enhance focus and relieve pain?  Think of what hat would mean to their teams safety, moral and greatly enhance performance or stamina.  Many professionals instead are now resorting to sideline smelling salts or ammonia capsules for a boost of clarity and adrenaline…at the risk of brain and possibly organ damage.  They cannot keep doing that for long, their careers end prematurely.  What if they or you knew a point on the back of the arm that would relax all the muscles, for a nervous competitor or to assist in ridding someone of a cramped muscle before, during or after a competitive event?  What if you could calm someone’s nerves so that they respond and react quicker and more efficiently?  What if you could make them more alert with one single slap on nerves, or teach them to do this to themselves anywhere anytime?  The importance of this information should not be underestimated nor should it be ignored.

The study of Kyusho is  a great journey and there have been many texts and profits of Kyusho and or Dim Mak that state you cannot apply these points as they are deadly or cause lasting damage to the body that is simply untrue.  With decades of Kyusho practice , although the effects are dramatic, fully controllable and incapacitating, we can see that no one died.  In fact no one was injured or suffered lasting effects, however it is even safer after the application of these First Aid applications.  Over the years Kyusho practitioners have been brought to task on so many occasions with many people saying we are crazy or are recklessly endangering our training partners… this is simply a statement of someone ignorant of what Kyusho really is or lacking in experience with it.  In fact in almost 30 years of its resurgence into mainstream or public knowledge, there has not been one Kyusho related injury or health issue… what other Martial Art can say that?

Kyusho is real, it is not magic or even mystical, but rather based on human anatomy and physiology.  It was my goal to break down the shroud of mystery so people could understand the simplicity as well as actual methods over the plethora of mis-information on the web, in books and other videos.

We hope to bring even more clarity and dispel more myths in the future as we make watch Kyusho enter every Martial Art, in every part of the world.

Disclaimer:  It is not everyone in Kyusho (or that says they do Kyusho) that has this understanding, capability, knowledge or skill.  It was fostered and advanced in the Kyusho International group above and beyond other groups or organizations.  This is only stated here so that the reader will be aware of where they can seek and learn this multi-faceted approach to their Kyusho Education.

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© Evan Pantazi 2012