First Aid

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©ChestKyusho First Aid is the final and crucial key needed to advance your full Kyusho Skills and Potential.  It is however not the end, it is merely an encyclopedia of the basic components of Kyusho and its relation to all Martial Arts and their practitioners.  It is crucial as it not only brings us full circle in skills development, but illustrates what true Martial Arts Knowledge is, the full understanding of Yin and Yang.  This is not meant as Traditional Chinese Medical or any esoteric discussion on Chi or Energy, for healing purposes, this is direct cause and effect information and demonstration.  It is not new as Ancient warriors for sure took note of the damage they caused on opponents in combat or battlefields.  They recorded and chronicled what was a vital point and the effects of attacking it appropriately… they had to, it was their innovation of their skills and capabilities that kept them alive.  It is …

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